Krissy Kingwood

Krissy Kingwood

I support people by helping them clear the path to doing their best work.


community operations manager @ vox media.

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support manager @ vox media.

site services manager @ usa today.

mobile operations manager @ gannett digital.


a virginia native and graduate of johnson c. smith university in charlotte, north carolina.

studied computer science information systems + business.

paper crafter, organizer, collector.


[it’s like] Driving on a dark road with only one headlight. You know where you’ve got to end up, but you’re squinting, going REALLY slowly, and hoping you see the chicken before it tries to cross the road.
— on being a people manager
Your biggest competitors are previous versions of you. They’re the only ones that share the same history; anyone else would be a wildly unfair comparison.
— on competition
valar dohaeris.
— on service